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Fast and Furious reached it's 10 year anniversary

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Author Topic: Fast and Furious reached it's 10 year anniversary  (Read 611 times)
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« on: July 10, 2011, 05:10:44 am »

Fast and Furious reached it's 10 year anniversary

The Fast and the Furious (2001)

Here is the producers vest. He is the same producer from The Fast and The Furious.

Here is some history between the Brotherhood and Fast and the Furious. The Producer is a BSR colors wearing member, we have been on several of the FnF sets and were on the set of the Green Hornet also done by the same producer.

Back when they made the third movie we got invite as a group to the set of Tokyo Drift, we were not allowed to take any pics. Most of the movie was filmed in Los Angeles and made to look like Tokyo-lol

Street Racers on FnF3 set
Posted: 01/26/06

A friend of The Brotherhood of Street Racers invited us to the set of, 'The Fast And The Furious 3, Tokyo Drift.' I went to the set in downtown Los Angeles, where they had turned Whilshire Blvd. and Hope Street into downtown Tokyo, and also to the set under the 105 frwy and Aviation (next to LAX airport), where they had created a chop shop junk yard set. Then me and Brother Rodney hooked up and were on our way to the set in Hawthorne, Ca. on 120th Street and Hawthorne Blvd., across the street from the Hawthorne Police Station. (I asked Turtle and the Alameda Kid if they wanted to go, but they said maybe another day, both had to work early in the morning.)

 Just before we were heading out there, we stopped by Compton to check out a race between a '68 Camaro and an '84 Camaro. The '84 looked like it had broken it's motor squeezing a 300 shot, and lost. The '68 Camaro was going to race a bike next, but the cops came and we left to go to a Carl's Jr. There were only a handful of people there. Our friend on the set called and asked where we were, and we told him we were watching a race, and were heading out from Carl's Jr. He opened the invite to included the rest of the people at Carl's Jr., so me, Rodney and about a dozen or so street racers from Compton went to the set in Hawthorne. We got a small tour, and had to be Quiet while on the set. It was a closed set, so the Hawthorne Police came over and asked us to leave, but we informed him we were invited guests, and the Hawthorne Police said we could watch, but only from the far curb on the sidewalk, all the way on the other side of the set. Just then our friend of the Brotherhood stepped over and informed the Hawthorne Police to go back to the set and leave us be. Then a few members of the film crew came over to us and checked out the '68 Camaro on slicks, the crew asked a lot of questions about the Camaro, but when one question was asked , "What rear end is under the car?", the reply was, "It's stock," everyone laughed and someone commented, "once a street racer, always a street racer."


 Can't really tell you what we saw on the set, but it included some bad ass wrong wheel drive imports and a Mustang drifting. Then they told us what was in one of the imports, a 500hp twin turbo motor. The Camaro guy said I got you covered, want to race? They said "race for pinks?" and the reply was "nobody races for pinks anymore, just cold hard cash." They laughed and said they believed him, and that it would not be much of a race, the Camaro would win. They asked how our efforts on Brotherhood Raceway (Terminal Island's dragstrip) were going. I told them well so far, but everyone is getting ancy to get it open, but it is all in the mayors hands right now.  I also made a comment that I wished they would included in the movie why people street race in the first place, nowhere to do it legitimately.


 We all had a really good time, and we left around midnight, the crew went back to work, and the street racers went back to Carl's Jr to discuss how to get the motorcycle and Camaro's race off that night. When I left the set, I was informed that the crew had got a big kick out of the street racers, and I informed them that the street racers had got a big kick out of the set, and thanks for the invite.

Now the hero car in the first FnF had a blown injected Hemi, but the stunt cars could have any motor in them. A lot of the stunt cars had blowers bolted to the hoods. Just like most of The Green Hornet cars were '65 Chrysler Imperial's with Big Block Chevys in them and some had original motors in them. I worked with Dennis McCarthy who built the cars. I also know Ted who did the original Fast and Furious cars and met Eddy Paul who built some of the cars.

original "fast&furious" 70' Dodge Charger movie car (one of four)



The Green Hornet Movie Car Feature


Uploaded by HotRodMagazine on Jan 11, 2011

Inside the Green Hornet's Hot Rod, the Black Beauty
By Rob Kinnan
After attending an early screening and press conference for the new Green Hornet movie, we got a chance to spend a little time in the Black Beauty to find out some of its features. The car is a '65 Chrysler Imperial, one of about 10 built by Dennis McCarthy, and true to the TV show from the '60s, it's equipped with rockets, guns, and a bunch of other implements of destruction. The one we shot the video of is one of the "hero cars" that was used for closeups and interior shots, and is being hauled around the show circuit the same time the movie is out, so it's still very nice, unlike most of the others that were destroyed making the film.
Many of the cars use GM Performance Parts ZZ454 crate motors, TH400s, Moser 9-inch rearends, and a long list of other good aftermarket parts, but this specific car still has a 413 in it, which is kind of cool. It runs, but they didn't drive it at the press conference for us. Check out the video, as well as some other behind the scenes videos provided by Columbia Pictures.
The movie opens Friday January 14, 2011 and it's good. Written by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, lifelong buddies who also wrote (and Rogan appeared in) Superbad, it's a funny movie. Know that it's a superhero-style comic book come to the big screen, so the action, while a ton of fun to watch (especially in 3D, which this movie is) is pretty ridiculous from a reality standpoint. But then so what; It's a good time, and you don't expect reality with this kind of movie.
The movie is directed by Michel Gondry and produced by Neal Moritz, who also did Fast and Furious and a ton of other movies with A-list Hollywood actors. It also stars Jay Chou (a huge star in Asia) and Cameron Diaz, and features Christoph Waltz, Edward James Olmos, David Harbour, and Tom Wilkinson.

Here are some pics of the car and the set. Check out the tanny, it has an transfer case to make it look AWD to fit the script, the real cars were 2wd expect for a few that were fwd:

My wife on the closed set

They painted the hill side to make it look like it was a rock quarry
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